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What is FOL2017?

28 & 29 September, 2017

Sanctuary Cove Resort

Manor Cir, Sanctuary Cove QLD 4212,

The Future of Learning conference is will be the premier event on the Learning and Development industry 2017 calendar.  The conference is perfectly designed for L&D professionals who are looking to stay at the leading edge of learning trends, continued development and connecting with like minded professionals.

The ILP FOL Conference will set the benchmark for the learning industry as well as conferences in general. ILP is raising the bar once again by creating a truly unique hybrid conference experience. Our FOL delegates no longer need to be in just one location; we are taking the conference to them as well.

The unique FOL delivery will give our delegates the option to take advantage of almost every session on offer, not just the ones they are physically able to attend.

Thanks again for a great conference.  My notebook is packed with ideas and possibilities on almost every aspect of my business.  My clients benefit enormously from my attendance.  Roll on next FOL conference!!

Kaye K.

Once again the ILP has delivered. The Future of Learning conference was spot on for content, value, venue, networking, developing, sharing and laughing. Thank you Kerry and the ILP team.

Sally F-L.

As a first-time attendee of the ILP Conference, I found it very inspirational and well organised.  The presenters were each very good and knowledgeable and this event also provided a great networking opportunity.  It left me wanting more!

Patricia P


1. Find Real Solutions to Your Top Challenges

Future of Learning Conference 2017 is an industry-defining event for learning and development professionals. You will learn what’s going on in the industry, find out what strategies your peers are implementing, and discover how they are tackling similar issues you are facing. In short, you’ll learn new strategies and solutions to solve some of your biggest challenges.

2. Shake Things Up

This isn’t going to be your typical conference, where a million people are crammed in a room and someone talks ‘at’ you.  Our speakers will engage WITH you and challenge conventional thinking about the Learning and Development industry.

3. Networking

It’s not all sessions and formal learning.  A valuable part of any conference is the chance that it gives you to interact with people who share your passion about being the best Learning and Development professionals that they can be.  Learn from colleagues in similar situations and come away with new contacts so that you can continue to learn and grow from each other.

4. Take-aways

You will get REAL practical ideas, techniques and solutions that you can take away after the conference.  Our speakers will be giving you practical solutions to real challenges and problems that you might be facing in the industry.

5. Gaze into the Future

Global industry leaders will be talking about future trends, what is coming your way and what you need to differently to meet increasing demands and stay current in an ever-evolving field.

6. Digital Satchels

Conference bags are so last season!  Gone are the days where you go to a conference, get a very glamorous bag – that, let’s face it, you will NEVER use again, and cruise around suppliers stands to get post-it notes and pens.  We will be giving you a unique digital satchel – you will receive a code which will give you 12 months’ access to tools, discounts and information from ILP and our FOL Partners.

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Who is ILP?

The Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP) is a leading industry body for learning and development (L&D) professionals in Australasia. We currently represent over 1500 L&D professionals across Australia, New Zealand and other international areas, as well as the wider L&D community.

ILP is committed to continue leading the learning evolution to raise the benchmarks and standards in the L&D industry.  We believe the L&D sector can deliver so much more than is currently offered, through research, innovation, techniques and quality connections.

ILP supports a diverse range of L&D professionals, both independent and corporate as well as RTOs.  We help them to achieve success in their careers or business, build dynamic programs and connect with peers, clients and vendors. It is important for us to make a positive impact, not just for our members, but also the wider community.  This is why ILP contributes to the work of the B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1) program.

We facilitate the growth and value of the learning and development industry and professionals for today and the future. In essence, we share your passions and desire to create a highly valued and respected learning and development industry.