Get Approval

Need to convince the Boss?

Well you have already made the right decision in wanting to attend the ILP Future of Learning Conference (FOL) 2017… now you just need to convince someone else to pay for it!

Most managers will be concerned about the bottom line, their return on investment—every dollar must be justified, as does time away from the office.

ILP is here to help! We have come up with some tools to show why your organisation needs to invest in you attending FOL 2017.

“Great conference with excellent presenters.  Got a lot out of the conference that I will be able to apply in my workplace.  For example, the Breakout session conducted by Geoff Rip and Lucy Marles on the 70:20:10 learning framework.  Will definitely attend the next conference.”

Geoff W.

“The ILP Conference is a great forum for updating knowledge, networking with like- minded professionals and refreshing skills.  Well worth the investment.” 

Mark V.

“I found the ILP’s FOL Conference to be an exceptionally valuable experience. I came away from it inspired, armed with creative new ideas and knowledge, and ready to implement some fantastic new initiatives to further support, engage and inspire our students. I cannot recommend it highly enough… a must for anyone who wants to provide exceptional learning experiences and personal development opportunities for their students.  Thank you ILP!”

Natalia H.

Here are Just a Few of the Many Benefits You Will Gain

Find Real Solutions to Your Top Challenges

Future of Learning Conference 2017 is an industry-defining event for learning and development professionals. You will learn what’s going on in the industry, find out what strategies your peers are implementing, and discover how they are tackling similar issues you are facing. In short, you’ll learn new strategies and solutions to solve some of your biggest challenges.

Shake Things Up

This isn’t going to be your typical conference, where a million people are crammed in a room and someone talks ‘at’ you.  Our speakers will engage WITH you and challenge conventional thinking about the Learning and Development industry.


It’s not all sessions and formal learning.  A valuable part of any conference is the chance that it gives you to interact with people who share your passion about being the best Learning and Development professionals that they can be.  Learn from colleagues in similar situations and come away with new contacts so that you can continue to learn and grow from each other.


No, we aren’t talking about dodgy take-away in a soggy box, although the food will be fabulous, we are talking about REAL tools that you can take with you after the conference.  Our speakers will be giving you practical solutions to real challenges and problems that you might be facing in the industry.

Gaze into the Future

Imelda the magnificent won’t be gazing into her crystal ball to tell you next week’s lotto numbers if that is what you are thinking. Global industry leaders will be talking about future trends, what is coming your way and what you need to differently to meet increasing demands and stay current in an ever-evolving field.

Digital Satchels

Conference bags are so last season!  Gone are the days where you go to a conference, get a very glamorous bag – that, let’s face it, you will NEVER use again, and cruise around suppliers stands to get post-it notes and pens.  We will be giving you a unique digital satchel – you will receive a code which will give you 12 months’ access to tools, discounts and information from ILP and our FOL Partners.

Use the RIGHT tool

Think about what your manager would most be influenced by… and then use all the tools below to demonstrate the real benefits to your organisation in you attending FOL 2017. This will show your manager that you are serious about attending and that you have done your homework and can demonstrate the return on investment.

Manager letter

We have drafted a letter for you to customise to help your manager understand why ILP’s FOL is one of the most cost-effective and valuable conferences for you to attend this year.

Benefits Worksheet

Customise this worksheet to outline the sessions you will attend, and detail how these sessions will help solve any workplace challenges.