FOL Program

Our Program

Start Stop Day One – 28 September
9:10 9:20 ILP- CEO WELCOME
9:20 9:30 Goldfish Challenge (Joshua Knight & Mark Vollmer)
9:30 9:50 Breakout Breakout Breakout
Q: What went wrong? Q: Why did L&D miss? Q: Whats the impact
9:55 10:55 Keynote Address on Future Learning Trends –
Bernard Salt
10:55 11:15 AM Tea- Ask ‘What are you here for?’
(Interview people)
11:30 12:15 Con Session Con Session Con Session
Learning Technology Future
(Matthew Mason)
Changing Strategic Approaches to Learning
(Joshua Knight)
Design Thinking- Ideation and a learning ecosystem
(Robin Petterd)
12:15 1:15 LUNCH
1:15 2:00 Intelligent Disobedience: From Good to Great Learning
(Bob McGannon)
2:00 2:45 Con Session Con Session Con Session
Change Models Aren’t the Answer
(Naomi Lawrence)
Behavioural Economics: What You Think is How You Learn (Phil Slade) Australia’s Learning Technology Landscape
(Owen Ferguson)
2:45 3:10 PM Break- Networking
(Find a friend)
3:10 4:00 Con Session Con Session Con Session
Using Learner Experience to Create Learning- Part 1
(Bernard Schokman)
International Streaming: Careful! Evals may be Harmful!
(Scott Frasard)
Training Designs That Deliver Results
(Geoff Rip)
4:05 4:50 Con Session Con Session Con Session
Using Learner Experience to Create Learning- Part 2
(Bernard Schokman)
Inside Out Learning- Tap into social learning and performance
(David King)
How High Performing L&D Teams are unlocking potential! (Laura Overton)
4:50 5:00 Wrap
7:00 7:30 Drinks by the pool
7:45 9:30 Dinner in the Grange
Start Stop Day Two – 29 September
“How to” focus for practioners, developers, designers and facilitators
7:00 7:30 Morning walk/exercise
7:00 8:00 Breakfast
8:35 8:40 ILP- CEO WELCOME day 2- Day 1 Comments
8:45 9:15 International Special Guest Creativity: Learning, Innovating
9:15 9:30 Wrap and review
9:30 10:30 Keynote: TMS: A Global Perspective on the Future of Learning (Margerison)
10:30 10:35 Wrap and Thank you
10:30 10:55 AM Tea & Networking
11:00 11:45 Con Session Con Session Con Session
Content Curation: Why & How
(Stephen Walsh)
Beyond Training to Empowerment: The results
(Dominic Siow)
Using Technology to Make Learning Stick
(Rob Toomey- USA)
12:00 12:45 LUNCH
12:45 1:30 International Streaming: A Test by any other name should smell so sweet
(Scott R. Frasard, PH.D. – USA)
1:45 2:45 Con Session Con Session Con Session
Learning for People (Raf Dolanowski) Disrupting Buzzwords with Critical Thinking Learning in Virtual and Augmented Reality (Peter Clowes) Creativity Thinking in Action- In Learning
(Kim Tuohy)
2:45 3:00 Plenary Room
3:05 3:30 Strategy Action Plan Breakout Design Action Plan Breakout Development Action Plan Breakout
3:30 3:45 Wrap up! Action Planning
3:45 4:00 Close